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New classes & courses to help your health & well-being  will be starting from September 15th 2020

Lama Jiga releases book in eBook format

Lama Jiga releases publication in eBook format

introducing-meditation-coverAn ideal book for those who are new to meditation practice.

Written by Lama Jiga who is an experienced Buddhist teacher and qualified mindfulness instructor. He has practiced meditation for over 40 years and has set up, established and managed meditation centres throughout the world including the first Dharma Centre in Moscow.

He is currently senior advisor to the Nilupul Foundation and resident meditation teacher for the Dundee Buddhist meditation Group.

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8.30 – 11.00 pm






This unique performance takes place in the Nilupul Centre Harmony Hall,

with its renowned acoustics.

 So why not chill out with a beer or a glass of wine in our Cafe

All this for a

minimum donation of £5……….

Help us offer stress reduction courses to the neediest in Scotland

and promote local music and musicians.



Upstairs@Nilupul is hosting an exhibition of paintings by DAWN WOOD & photography by MARY MEIKLE.

Come & see the creative talent of these local artists in the relaxing, unique space of Upstairs@Nilupul . The exhibition runs until Saturday June 18th.   The exhibitors are generously donating 20% of the sales to Nilupul Foundation, supporting charitable projects, which are helping people suffering economic disadvantage & social isolation in Dundee.

Exhibition space im Dundee



Nilupul, in partnership with Michael Clark of 1230 radio, is launching a new & exciting series of live music sessions ‘Upstairs at Nilupul’ on Saturday afternoons in the unique & relaxing atmosphere of the Nilupul Tearoom.
The first event  in this series is on 18th July at 2 pm , featuring LIZABETT RUSSO, a gifted Singer/ Songwriter mixing Western Folk and East European styles. She is accompanied by versatile jazz guitarist INNES CARDNO.

Don’t miss the only chance to hear LIZABETT  & INNES perform in Dundee this year.




article-0-151BF354000005DC-648_306x423 Clyde mascotOn March 21st @ 7.00pm in the Bonar Hall, the young people of the Oor Games project funded by Celebrate/Big Lottery & supported by Nilupul Foundation, have organised a celebration event showcasing their film & an exhibition of their photos taken at events in Dundee during the Commonwealth Games.
Lord Provost Bob Duncan will be joining our event alongside Commonwealth athletes Ali Bell and Vikki Bunce, City Ambassador Andrew Batchelor, and you even have the chance to get your photo taken with a very special VIP!!
The Dundee Deaf Community Choir ‘Signed Songs R Us’ will be treating us to the songs they performed at the Opening Ceremony of the games in Glasgow.

Don’t miss this special event!


The Nilupul Team are delighted to have received £6,600  from Celebrate (Big LotteryFunding).Oor Games is a new youth project which will celebrate Dundee’s connections to the 2014 Commonwealth Games through digital media and filmmaking.







A dynamic and talented team of young people  are going out and about interviewing celebrities, athletes and local Dundonians and filming events in and around Dundee. The documentary film will be the start of a new Digital Archive for the city of Dundee.







A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who braved the cold and snow to come together at Nilupul Centre to celebrate Burns night! Nilupul Foundation held this cultural event to raise funds for their projects  both overseas and in Dundee.

burns night photoOver 30 friends old & new had a great evening of fun, food, music and dancing in honour of  Scotland’s Bard!The Haggis was piped in by young piper Daibhidh Moyes, followed by an inspiring  recitation of  ‘Address to the Haggis’ by Nilupul Team Member, Robert Bichan. After enjoying the customary Haggis Neeps and  Tatties, everyone was treated to traditional Scottish music played by Seonaid Birse &  Nilupul Director, Maggie Powell on Clarsach & Flute, more piping from Daibhidh and everyone  enjoyed taking to the floor to dance with music provided by local ceilidh band ‘The Phenobarbitones’.

Cupcakes for burns nightThank you to lovely Jessie Zhang who provided the best decorated cupcakes specially for the event.

We are very grateful to everyone who came, for some, this was their first experience of Scottish culture and music, having been in Scotland only a week!  Read their experience of the event……

The dinner was delicious, we’d never had haggis before and it was great to have a new experience with such nice people! The Address to the Haggis was also so much fun to see, and the speaker was great. The ceilidh dancing was a ton of fun, that was probably the best part of the night because everyone got to know each other well and just have a good time


It was only our first week in Scotland, although we are planning on staying a long time, and we were so happy to meet such wonderful people at the Nilupul Centre and be introduced to the culture in such a welcoming, friendly way. It’s rare to have that these days in my experience. Thank you so much for everything you do, and we hope to see you again soon.”    Monika


We are looking foward to next years celebrations

Go to our Facebook pages to see more photos of this fun evening!



Friends of Nilupul ended 2012 by celebrating with a wonderful Festive Rawfood Feast lovingly prepared by our dear friend and Rawfood goddess Katrin Brauer!  It was a sensational experience of colour and taste!

Kat worked her magic to produce soup,  humous and canapes, one rawfood and one organic vegetable curry followed by deserts to die for but without any sugar! Feast your eyes on these photos of this amazing meal.  As well as benefiting those who enjoyed this feast, the proceeds of this fundraising events will go towards Nilupul’s projects in Dundee and overseas.

Thank you to all who came for this special event and heartfelt gratitude to Kat for this wonderful offering. Watch out for upcoming news on Rawfood workshop held at Nilupul Centre in 2013!





A touch of Tinseltown came to Tayside at the beginning of December with the arrival of Hollywood director Khashyar Darvich, the award winning director of Dalai Lama Renaissance.  Narrated by Harrison Ford, the film is a stunning and thought provoking documentary which was screened by the DCA in June as part of the celebrations of the Dalai Lama’s visit to Dundee.
Khashyar was invited to Scotland by Dundee charity,Nilupul Foundation, as part of the celebrations for Scottish Inter Faith Week and on Saturday December 1st in the Nilupul Centre he joined around 100 guests for a VIP film screening and Directors Q&A session.

Dalai Lama Renaissance has received 12 international film festival awards and has attracted audiences across the globe telling the story of what happened in 1999 when 40 Western intellectuals, including renowned quantum physicists Fred Wolf & Amit Goswami (stars of movie phenomenon; What the Bleep Do We Know!), travel to India to meet the Dalai Lama and discuss how to solve the world’s problems.

This was a great opportunity for fans of the film to meet with Khashyar and for those who missed this summer’s screening this was another chance to catch this wonderful film here in Dundee. Invited guests were also treated to delicious food and drinks to add to the special occasion.

We are very grateful to Khashyar for taking time out of his very busy schedule to be with us and look forward to more visits and  screenings of his amazing films.
This year Scottish Inter Faith week took place between 25th November and 2nd December bringing people together in peaceful dialogue, throughout Scotland.  Dundee is a truly diverse city and a wonderful example of successful multiculturalism.


At the beginning of November, Nilupul Centre became  a venue for  the Neon Digital Arts Festival 2012, showcasing HEARTBEATER, a fully interactive audio-visual installation designed by Edinburgh based Composer Matthew Collins and American-Icelandic artist Erik Parr. In keeping with this year’s festival theme of exploring movement between the physical and virtual worlds, HEARTBEATER focuses on physicality and the human body, using the physical movements of the audience to manipulate the sounds and visuals around them.

This is achieved through the use two controllers which create sound and image based on electrical signals from the body.  These signals produce a reflection of the user’s movements allowing HEARTBEATER to produce various sounds and tranquil images of water, which are manipulated by the user.  The installation is a fascinating example of combining digital technology with meditation in an experience which allows the user to produce a truly unique effect.
Pupils from Kingspark School and adults from Ellenmhor were among groups associated with Nilupul  who had great fun trying out HEARTBEATER during the week.

This led to a special performance evening on Thursday 8th November, attended by over 50 guests. Local musician, Luna, welcomed guests into the hall with the enchanting sound of her music on Chinese harp.  Dear friends of Nilupul, Professional Dancer Lizzie Dawes & Tai Chi Master, Robbie Gray, demonstrated their amazing talents using HEARTBEATER and the evening ended with the whole audience being expertly led by Scottish Dance Theatre’s Rehearsal Director, Joan Cleville, in a wonderfully guided lesson in movement with 4
people attached to HEARTBEATER.


HEARTBEATER is now permanently based at the Nilupul Centre and any groups or organisations wishing to try it out are welcome to contact us by email info@nilupul.org or phone 01382 872020





On Friday September 21st, United Nations International Day of Peace, supporting ‘PEACE ONE DAY’S’ Global Truce 2012 campaign, Nilupul held a ‘SIT IN PEACE’ in the City Square, attracting a crowd of   around 150 people.  Benjamin Flack, a young, talented local piper, led Lama Jiga, Dr Emoto and followers  from Nilupul Centre to the City Square, where Lama Jiga led everyone in a guided meditation and Dr Emoto sang Beethoven’s ‘Ode To Joy’. The event had been publicised in the local press and on local radio station Wave102 and it was wonderful to see local Dundonians showing their support for International Peace Day.  Many thanks to all who gave their support.



September 17th was the start of a week that welcomed International Speakers & visitors from as far afield as Japan, USA, Germany, Israel, Austria, Hungary, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Netherlands, England and Scotland! Nilupul Centre was positively buzzing with activity!  Nilupul Foundation was honoured to be hosting  THE 14TH INTERNATIONAL HADO SCHOOL, led by world famous author and Peace Ambassador, Dr Masaru Emoto. This was the first time that the school had been held in the UK.

Lasting 3 days and with 11 participants, THE 14TH INTERNATIONAL HADO SCHOOL was opened with a  blessing & prayers  by Lama  Jiga, a Buddhist monk, experienced meditation teacher and  Director of Nilupul Foundation & Nilupul Centre.Dr Emoto gave his first seminar on ‘Hado Theory’, demonstrating the principal of his theory through the use of tuning forks.

Rasmus Gaupp, Head Researcher of Dr Emoto’s European branch office in Lichtenstein, was the next to speak. He introduced his newly-developed technology, ‘Sound of Soul’, demonstrating that we all have our own ‘heart music’. This device, intended for therapeutic use, can create customized music based on the client’s heart frequencies. He explained how thoughts and stress can affect our heart and using HRV (Heart Rate Variability), this new technology can  also show how open our hearts are. Everyone showed great interest in this and  was very  keen to get a recording of their own unique ‘Sound of Soul’.

The day ended with delicious food provided by  local restaurant owner & friend of Nilupul, Niall. Everyone spent time getting to know each other in the welcoming & relaxing surroundings of Marco Polo.Thank you Niall for your heartfelt hospitality!

DAY 2 started with a seminar given by Lama Jiga who gave Buddhist teachings on the Five Elements, guiding everyone in a session of meditation using visualisation & colour.Dr Emoto led the next talk called ‘Messages from Water’. He used many different photographic slides of water crystals to explain how different information can affect water in different ways.He talked not only about his research on water crystals, but also about different water experiments done by other scientists and information on the latest water research that is being done.

After a delicious lunch at the Nilupul Centre, we had a class by Michelle Factor from the USA. She played some crystal singing bowls, making beautiful vibrations for everybody to meditate on. Afterwards participants tasted the water that was in the crystal bowls and  most people felt  that the taste of the water had become sweeter.

The last seminar of the day was Dr. Emoto’s “Power of Kotodama (Spirit of words)” Again he used water crystal slides and video to explain how the water can be changed by different words. He said … “a human being is 70% water, so when you look at these water crystals that were affected by words, please always remember that the water inside your body is affected in the same way. So it is important for everybody to use positive words to make healthy environment and that is a key to world peace.”

It wasn’t all hardwork though……. Guest speakers, participants and the Nilupul team had time to relax in the beautiful setting of the Lands of Loyal Hotel in Alyth. Everyone enjoyed good food accompanied a live ceilidh band, where our international visitors were encouraged to try out take part in traditional Scottish dances. The evening ended with KARAOKE, a special surprise for Dr Emoto, who loves karaoke and he sang a beautiful version of Annie Laurie, sung in Japanese and accompanied by the band. It was a wonderful end to Day 2 of Hado School!!      

DAY 3 started with “New Science of Water” a seminar given by Rasmus. He explained about how he met with Dr. Emoto through a connection with his father. He confessed that at first he wanted to disprove Dr Emoto’s work. However, while training with Dr Emoto in Japan, as he photographed water crystals, he began to get drawn into the beauty of water crystals and realised that water can react to different information. After the training was finished, he went back to Europe and shortly after that, he established Hado Life Europe, producing many water crystal photos over a period of 10 years.

Now he is not only working as a researcher, but also as a speaker and visits many different places throughout Europe, giving seminars about water.

It was really interesting to hear from Rasmus about the most advanced research on water that is being carried out by different scientists around the world.

Next to speak was Lindsay Hemp from New Jersey, USA, who trained as a Hado Instructor in Japan, giving the next seminar about ‘My Hado’, an Application she has developed for iphone and smart phones.

The last class of the 14th Hado Instructor School was given by Dr Emoto. He talked about the Emoto Peace Project. This project is now Dr Emoto’s primary mission and he believes that many issues that we face around the world today concerning race , religion and the environment, would be solved in the future by children reading the book, ‘Messages from Water’. Water is essential for our lives, regardless of race, religion, and environment, but we don’t know enough about water and that is why we have so many conflicts.

The successful 14th International Hado School ended with a closing ceremony, where everyone received a certificate as a qualified Hado Instructor from Dr Emoto. They also received a goody bag which included a CD rom, containing all the slides and video files that Dr Emoto used at his classes and 500 water crystal images as well as their own Hado Instructor badge!

LOVE & GRATITUDE to EVERYONE who contributed in so many different ways to make this such a inspiring and successful event.

WATCH THIS SPACE as plans are underway for another HADO School in Scotland next year!



Another successful  fundraising evening was held at Nilupul Centre in the warm and relaxing surroundings of Nangi’s Foodbar. Thank you so much to everyone who came and gave their support .

Tastebuds were delighted yet again with deliciously scrummy Sri Lankan food followed by Kat’s amazing Rawfood dessert – a treat for our eyes as well as our stomachs!

We then settled down to watch highly acclaimed film ‘What the Bleep do we know’ dipping into the world of quantum physics and featuring the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, who is one of our keynote speakers at Nilupul’s  First MINDFUL PEACE FORUM being held at Nilupul Centre on September 21st. Tickets are selling fast so book your place now!

By the end of the evening we had raised over £200!  THANK YOU SO MUCH and remember to book your place at our  next  event with delicious food and live entertainment on October 20th!