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Mindful Friends

Mindful Friends

pepeThanks to funding from the People’s Health Trust, adults with complex needs, living in residential care, are benefiting from our Mindful Friends mindfulness-based recreational programme.

Participants of the Mindful Friends programme at the Nilupul Centre

Mindful Friends activities are designed to bring about improved physical and mental wellbeing by increasing self-esteem and improving confidence, decreasing stress and anxiety, encouraging the development of self-care and life management skills and facilitating more effective communication, relationship building and social skills.

mindful-frien2dParticipants enjoy a variety of different mindfulness-based group activities including guided physical and mental relaxation, simple mindful movement, expressive arts & crafts, creative sensory play and sound therapy.

Activities have an extremely positive effect on participants wellbeing and stress levels and groups who have undertaken this programme have established positive relationships with course facilitators and enjoy social interactions within a safe and supported environment.

  • S is non-verbal, with complex behavioural needs and has difficulty sleeping at night.  When we first met him he was unable to settle physically or mentally and was constantly distracted, with an inability to focus on simple instruction.  As the programme has progressed he has engaged fully with guided relaxation helping him to re-establish a more healthy sleep pattern.
  • K has learning difficulties and has been living in residential care while a supported flat is prepared for him.  He is excited about moving into independent housing and has been stressed as the move has been delayed on a number of occasions.  Mindful Friends has helped him manage the transition period.  He has also been making use of techniques at home to help him manage his stress, successfully developing self-care strategies.  K’s story makes clear the benefits of the programme for individuals going through difficult life transitions.