giving help that matters
Helping where
help matters.

We provide health and wellbeing services that change people and communities.

Our Skills and exeprtise

Our experts have been listening to, delivering and advising clients on drug free health and well-being management for 22 years.

Our 85 partners like the way we share what we know, satisfy their needs and generate immediate and lasting effects for them.

Our dynamic and talented team drive, stimulate, innovate and continually redefine and expand our service boundaries. We serve at your pleasure.

that matter.

Openings that promote growth.

Skills for life ...
Volunteering -

Helping yourself - helping others


- an employment pathway


a gateway to a profession

For a future
that matters

Conributing to the greater good .

We Finance

Volunteering opportunities for the disadvantaged

We Partner

with Dundee's universities & finance student internships and young director training

We Improve

quality of life

We prepare

for work placement or employment

We add value

to people, employers & the nation!

that matters


community by connecting people, ideas and resources


community dialogue .


a real sense of participation .


community members of all ages.

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Our background ...

Our city is built on an ancient volcano. Our centre, the Nilupul Centre sits at its base, at 51 Reform Street. This street is named after the Reform Act of 1832, which gave Dundee its first MP. Our centre has been around since then.

A Peaceful Mandala

Our centre has always been used for peaceful purposes. First Christians like the Fisherman, then the Liberal Party, with Winston Churchill, who spoke regularly in our Harmony Hall. The Red cross then took over.

The Potala Palace

The Ven Karma Jiga purchased the property after a revelation, in 1997. He renovated the property with help of his students and donated the property to a Buddhist charity the Rokpa Trust.


In 2010 a generous benefactor sponsored the return of the centre to Ven Karma Jiga. The centre has been serving the community under his guidance for 22 years, 10 of them with the Nilupul Foundation.

Nilupul Team
Our team...
Karma Jiga - copy
July / 97
Ven. Karma Jiga MSc, ABSM

Karma Jiga is the founder of Nilupul Foundation. He is a highly trained and experienced mindfulness and Buddhist meditation teacher, with 44 years experience in the field. He is the founder of Nilupul Foundation. and an experienced project innovator, manager, engineer , award-winning musician & composer and published researcher, author and poet.

“I have been so fortunate to work with so many talented and innovative individuals. Together, we have been able to provide consistent quality for our clients and extend the boundaries of our services to meet their needs. It is so inspiring!"
Maggie Powell
April / 07
Maggie Powell

Maggie directs the day to running of the Nilupul centre and the activities of the volunteers and interns. SHe also teaches mindfulness and practices and teaches therapies. Our Volunteers and interns really appreciate Maggie's support and help. She is greatly loved by all!

“I just love my work at the centre and in the community. Helping those who need it is a passion of mine and being a member of a community who not only does this but does so in a creative way is really inspiring."
Eleanor Pandiya
Jan / 17
Eleanor Pandya
Policy Advisor

Eleanor is an Economics and Politics graduate, our Marketing specialist & our senior Intern mentor. The charity as a whole, our Interns and our volunteers have benefited greatly from her help and guidance . Long may it continue.!

" I found my internship and young director experience at Nilupul rewarding and used it as the basis for an employment pathway that has led to a career in international banking. It is rewarding to be able to give something back, especially to those treading the same potential employment pathway."
Robert Bichan.
July/ 00
Robert Bichan MSc
IT Manager - Volunteer Mentor

Robert manages the technical & background IT for the Foundation. A former director, he is now the Senior Volunteer adviser. He has been associated with and contributed to Karma Jiga's projects for 19 years.  Robert is a therapist. tai chi teacher, a film maker, performance artist, community project designer and implementer and, the longest serving of all volunteers.

His skills and unique talents are greatly appreciated by all, as is his sense of humour.

“I just love being able to use my creative talents to help the interns and volunteers. It's really rewarding. I just never know what new projects are going to take shape, there always seems to be some new skill to learn. It keeps it all really interesting."
Nilupul Team
Karma Jiga - copy
Maggie Powell
Eleanor Pandiya
Robert Bichan.
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Our Journey
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Your Journey
interns ... moving your career forward
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Road Ahead
volunteering - taking a step in the right direction .
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