introducing mindfulness
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Living mindfully through Meditation

Let us make your mind a
haven of health and happiness
mindfulness and meditation ## slide 3 teachers.

Explore Our Mindfulness & Meditation

Our experienced mindfulness & meditation trainers

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Ven. Karma Jiga

MSc in Modern Mindfulness
Published mindfulness Researcher
Lama of the Tibetan Kagyu Tradition

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Maggie Powell

Diploma in Modern Mindfulness

Mindfulness in a Nutshell

Nilupul Foundation
Modern Mindfulness

Consists of Buddhist mindfulness adapted by the western psychological tradition for mental health and well-being management.

Dundee Buddhist Group
Buddhist Mindfulness

Consists of ritual free Mahamudra practice and Vajrayana ritual Sadhana practice. Its purpose is to reveal the nature of mind.

Meditation and Mindfulness ## Slide 2 help others

Booking with us -
sponsors those on Low or no wage
& helps them get their lives back!

Help those who need help.

those Living on less than they need
those with mental health issues.
the disabled.
the disadvantaged.
those effected by government policies.
single parents ...

Your mindfulness - your way - copy

Your mindfulness - your way !

Join the 1000's who have benefited ...

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Modern Mindfulness

courses, classes, sessions

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3rd sector

courses and sessions

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your budget -
your choice .

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Low wage

on benefits or
less than £9.50

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mahamudra, sadhana
& mind training

Mindfulness for all

Mindfulness for All


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lunch times 1/2 hour sessions
evenings 4 week courses

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1 to 1

Tailored - Guided
Participant led

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Stress reduction
mental health/Well-being

Third sector - communities

Let us be your health & well-being partner.

Click - get quote - Join the dozens of satisfied groups and third sector orgs.

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& third sector

all budgets catered for

Care for the health and welbeing of your team or community?

Let our team guide you to
live smart, work smart,
live well and live healthy.

  1. Tailor made courses and sessions
  2. Quotes based on Budget
  3. 44 years experience in the field
  4. 22 years experience as a company
  5. fast and lasting results
  6. Proven methods
  7. backed by our own published research
  8. value for money
  9. Book with us & sponsor places for those in need !
mindfulness for business

Taking care of business!

your budget - your choice - our pleasure!

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sessions to suit every budget.

Growing your company, caring for staff?
Let our experienced team guide you and your team
to live smart, work smart, live well and live healthy.

  1. 45 years in the sector
  2. 22 years as a company
  3. world class services
  4. world class experts
  5. fast and lasting results
  6. 1000's of satisfied clients
  7. backed by our peer reviewed research
  8. value for money
  9. You fee sponsors mindfulness for those in need
mindfulness for those on low wage

Taking care of our neighbours!

earning less than £9.50 or on benefits? Read on!

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Low income

a no cost course

Living on less than you need?
Stressed - skint - affected by benefits policies?
single parent?
Maybe we can help!

  1. Want to reduce stress?
  2. Improve mental health & wellbeing?
  3. then sign up now
  4. 9 session x 2 hours weekly
  5. Free creche
  6. free tea and coffee
  7. bus fares refunded
  8. 100's of happy folks
  9. our published research shows it helps
Buddhist pathways

Buddhist Pathways

your gateway to liberation

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Buddhist Mindfulness

The stages of Mahamudra meditation

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skillful means - puja

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Compassion Training

Mahayana mind training

Buddhist MIndfulness

Buddhist Mindfulness

your gateway to liberation

4 week courses
Mahamudra - gom rim
The practice stages of a direct ritual free approach to liberating your mind.

Sessions and practices based on Kagyu mahamudra texts taught to Lama JIga by various renowned Lamas of the Kagyu LIneage
More ...
The theory of the three forms of Kagyu Mahamudra and guided practice.

Buddhist Mindfulness

your gateway to liberation

Sadhana or Puja
Ritual - Combining, your thoughts, imagination, recitation, & mantra to transform and liberate.
The path of skillful means.
These sessions involve vajayana or tantric practices.
Sessions employ Development Stage visualization practices, and training in the Completion Stage dissolving practices also known as the fulfillment or perfection stage ([DBG website)
compassion lojong

Mind Training

Mahayana mind training in compassion

Meditations to pacify the mind and develop compassion
60 minute sessions
The Seven point of mind training and the path of heroes
Defining an ethical way developing you own mental health and well-being through the pathway of helping others (DBG website)