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Nilupul Foundation is raising funds for our groundbreaking Parklands project. In doing so, we’re moving Scotland towards a more fair, flourishing and just tomorrow. But we can’t get there without you. When you support the Parklands eco-village project you’re powering a project that will make real change happen for the people of Scotland. Imagine one for every city!

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Every pound you donate to Nilupul's Parklands project will be used to contribute to a more fair, flourishing, and just Scotland. Your donation will be used to get Parklands off the ground. A contribution to Parklands is an investment in significantly impacting the lives of the most vulnerable. Parklands aims to increase the resources, skills and opportunities for employment, training and volunteering for the disadvantaged, to be self-supporting and accessible to everyone. 

Your Parklands

The initial Parklands site will be situated on Dundee city outskirts. It will be residential for courses related to improving mental & physical health and general wellbeing. The aim is to provide an urban farm, farm shop, a gift shop, a small manufacturing unit producing shop goods from recycled materials, training facilities, a cafe and a central space for classes, courses & meetings in pleasant surroundings for everyone. Nilupul Foundation and its partners will operate Parklands using a sound, sustainable, tried and tested business model. 

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Your kindness will change lives

People in crisis need your help, and those suffering the effects of poverty and disadvantage during and after lockdown are no exception. Lets help those who need it.

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