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Post lockdown exhibition

By nilupul / 16 April 2021 /

Hidden Gems – Upstairs @ 51 I think we’ve all missed the comfort of our favourite cafe over lockdown. Although those “Eight Hours of Soft Rain and Coffee Shop Ambience” asmr videos have been a good friend to me over the countless study sessions, my heart still pines for a professionally made coffee and a…

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Looking to 2021…

By nilupul / 11 February 2021 /

Hello everyone, It sure has been a YEAR, but here at Nilupul and Upstairs @ 51 we are welcoming 2021 with open arms and a positive mindset. A lot of things were put on hold this year and we couldn’t do the things we love, but 2020 has been so much more than doom and…

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Happy to give Tony a new iPad thanks to Connecting Scotland Grant

By nilupul / 31 October 2020 /

We got 8 iPads with MiFi units from the Scottish Government & SCVO Connecting Scotland grant – “This has transformed my life . Thank you” Tony

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We’re Dew Product stockists!

By nilupul / 30 October 2020 /

Now for sale in our shop in Upstairs@51ReformSt We’ve gone Green! We’re pleased to be an official stockist & Refill Station for Ecoanalytes Dew Cleaning products 100% ecofriendly, vegan friendly!@UpstairsDundee #ecoanalytes, #chemicalfree # refillstation #lessplastics #shoplocal #upstairsnilupul

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Heartbeater: Best ways to exercise in unusual ways!

By nilupul / 29 October 2020 /

Heartbeater is an interactive audio-visual therapeutic art installation, designed by Edinburgh sound artist and composer Matthew Collings, American-Icelandic digital artist Erik Parr and Nilupul. Heartbeater focuses on physicality and the human body, using the physical movements of the users to manipulate sounds and visuals around them through the use of Gametrax gaming technology. You can…

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