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22 09 Lunchtime

    • A new 6 week course to help improve your mental & physical health.

      What does it consist of?

      For 6 weeks...

      • 1 hr - mindfulness – body breath & mind stress relief practice
      • 1 hr - with chef- how to prep & cook your free meal bag

      What is mindfulness?

      "Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention in a completely natural way, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. " Karma Jiga

      How will it help me? Let us help you learn to ...

      • deal with everything from stress, pain, anxiety, depression, low mood, sleep and focus related issues.
      • discover you are not your pain , illness, thoughts, feelings or emotions. You'll learn to identify less with them.
      • practice guided mini meditations if your busy
      • apply emergency practices for the unexpected things in life.

      What do we offer you ... ?  


      • Meal bags with recipes
      • Refreshments
      • Bus travel

      How do I apply ?

      1. Complete the contact form below
      2. Then we will contact you. Thanks.
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