Workplace Mindfulness

Venues: In your workplace or @ the Nilupul Centre, 51 Reform Street, Dundee

  • Karma Jiga MSc. ABSM is a published mindfulness researcher, has developed the foundations mindfulness based WorkSmart Programmes  based on his extensive experience of applying mindfulness techniques in industry (engineering, mining and oil), education (schools, colleges, universities) the arts, business and the 3rd sector. They help develop body, mind and spatial awareness in conjunction with emotion and attention regulation. Research shows that WorkSmart Programmes are effective, and improve workplace wellbeing, information processing, communication, productivity, accuracy of task approach and response, inventiveness, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. MRI Scans show that they increase the thickness of the grey matter of the hippocampus, resulting in increased learning memory, compassion, introspection and self-awareness, and decrease the grey matter of the amygdala resulting in reductions in stress and anxiety. Our programmes ...
    1 WorkSmart Micro (45-60 minutes) Workplace / Space Intro to mindfulness Reduce physical / Mental stress
    2 WorkSmart Mini 120 mins) WorkSmart micro plus Presentation + practice Stress - brain and body
    3 WorkSmart Midi (2×120 min sessions) WorkSmart mini plus - presentations Sitting, standing, walking and lying
    4 WorkSmart Max (5×45 min sessions) Discover / Recognise bias Thrive under stress Make wiser choices
    This is a Nilupul foundation Course. All course fees are donated to charity ...  Your fee helps us fund places for those living on less than they need on the Nilupul Foundations Headroom Free modern  mindfulness courses in the community. To help us help you help others, please fill in, the contact form below and let us know your  requirements or call for a quote. Many thanks for your interest, we greatly appreciate it. We also deliver presentations for work or conference (call for a quote) ...  +44 (0)1382 872020 ... or