Third Sector Work Managment

Welcome to your 3rd Sector stress buster and life / work management page!

  • As a third sector organisation, a charity and social enterprise, we understand your needs, value your independence, understand your desire to achieve social goals and appreciate the necessity to reinvest in order to pursue your goals sustainably. With that in mind, let us be your health & well-being partner and care for the health and wellbeing of your team and help you take the strain of maintaining your support to the communities you work in. Let our team guide you to live smart, work smart, live well and live healthy, like dozens of our other partner organisations, for a reasonable cost. How can we help?
    • We offer tailor made courses and sessions
    • Our quotes are based on your budget.
    Why choose us?
    • We have 44 years experience in the field
    • We have 22 years experience as a third sector company
    • Our clients report fast and lasting results
    • We use proven methods backed by our own published research
    • We provide value for money
    How do we know?
    • We have 85 partner organisations.
    • Many requests repeat sessions
    How would you help us help our communities ...
    • your fees sponsor places on mindfulness courses for those in need and the vulnerable!
    So why not help us help you help more people in the community you work in. As a Nilupul Foundation Course or session, all your course/session fees are donated to the Foundation, which is a local, volunteer run charity ...  Your fee helps us fund places for the vulnerable on the Foundations Headroom Free modern mindfulness courses, held in the community. Many thanks for your interest, we greatly appreciate it.

    To help us help you help others, please fill in the contact form below and let us know your  requirements. We also deliver presentations for work or conference.

    Alternatively you might like to call in for tea at our cafe Upstairs@51, call for a quote... +44 (0)1382 872020 ... or e mail us at