Farang Thai Relaxation Incense

Farang Thai Relaxation Incense


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Thai Incense is mostly made by hand or with ethnic methods in small households by local Thai Incense farmers. It is hand-rolled from the finest organic ingredients such as wood powders like sandal wood, flower pollens, extracts and resins, fragrance powders, dyes and perfumed oils. Mixed – Jasmine (yellow), Rose (pink), Frangipani (green), Dok Moke (orange), Butterfly Pea (blue), Lavender (purple), Orchid (red), Sandalwood India (black)

Approx. 45 – 50 Sticks
21cm long – 13.5cm of incense
burn time –  approx. 30 minutes each

This item is handmade. Variations and imperfections are reflections of the item’s handmade origins and enhance its unique qualities.



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