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Thai Foot

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Thai foot massage …

is an ancient therapeutic procedure. The original knowledge and techniques were the carefully guarded secrets of the Buddhist monks of the Thai Royal Palace. They have since have been passed down through the generations. It is said to be a marriage of reflexology, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu, and Indian Ayurveda.

It works on …

the feet, lower leg, and knees, freeing up blocked energy in the body’s Thai-based meridians to create a feeling of deep relaxation, balance, and well-being. Typically,  the lower legs and feet are stretched and massaged to open Sen (energy) channels then certain pressure points on these channels are stimulated. Skillful manipulation of the soles of the feet helps the body restore its balance.

Its benefits are,

it improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, boosts the immune system, reduces stiffness, increases range of motion, accelerates healing, relieves stress, improves sleep, elevates mood, improves concentration, mental clarity and produces feelings of tranquility, calmness, and well being.

Client are advised to …

wear loose comfortable clothing, especially lower garments.It is practiced using therapy table –  clean feet with socks and shoes off.

Costs …

£35 for 45 mins.


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