Gold finished Traditional Tibetan style Buddha

Gold finished Traditional Tibetan style Buddha


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Bring serenity to you surroundings with this elegant, beautiful artistic statue finished with a lustrous gold. It depicts Buddha meditating in the Earth-Touching pose. Ideal for use in Buddhist meditation, as a shrine centre-piece or as decorative & unique ornament.

  • Buddha Statue
  • Hand Painted
  • seated
  • Right hand – earth touching pose
  • left hand – meditation mudra.
  • Features traditional Tibetan gold design
  • Measures 9.2 x 6 x 4.7 cm
  • 134 grams

Fairly traded -ethically sourced

This statue may contain minor imperfections and variations in appearance, color and finish. These details are part of the statue’s artistic appeal and enhance the unique beauty of each piece.


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